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- March 4, 2015

It was great, I learned a lot and am happy with the Cambria countertop. I would highly reccomend your business. Always got my questions answered and overall it was great.



- November 6, 2013

The customer rep. was very helpful and the installers were great.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Countertops That Work With You – Not Against You 

From the home chef with scalding pans and built in cutting boards to the casual dinner party hostess, one of the most important points in any homeowner’s kitchen is the countertop. Not only is it highly visible, requiring an attractive design, it is also highly functional. If you’ve found yourself hesitating to prepare food on certain surfaces, or keeping guests away from the kitchen because of your elderly countertops, it’s time to find a solution.

A countertop that is custom built to your exact specifications will keep you happy in your kitchen for many years. Talk to skilled, local tradesmen in the Lafayette, Indiana area who can help you determine the best material for your countertops, and get you that material quickly so you can get back in your kitchen. Working with a local company also means direct contact for service, questions, and repairs – no waiting.

Your kitchen remodeling experience should be as satisfying as the finished product itself. Start today to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Get Organized!

Whether you’re turning over a new leaf with a remodeling project, or you’ve just had enough of the piles of shoes and purses at the bottom of your closet, there is a solution to your clutter concerns! A custom closet organizer is built to exactly your needs. Purses? Shoes? Ties? How about all three? Take control once and for all, and say goodbye to closet messes and those vacuum storage bags you never use!

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The Colors of Corian® – Design Without Compromise

Showcase your personality with Cambria® natural quartz surfaces. The rich color palette will appeal to your unique style and sensibilities. The versatile character of quartz allows you to express yourself in unparalleled ways. It is maintenance free and requires no sealing, polishing or reconditioning...ever.

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